Are you sure you want to delete this file?

What the heck happened this year? And the blog? Where did it go? I just realized the titles for my last three posts could tell a story. Three months ago I mentioned I wanted to write. Nine days later marijuana had arrived. Two months after that I looked at the news feed on Facebook and saw it was I Love to Write Day.

So here’s the story. I felt trumped. No amount of word tweaking, plot twisting, or new endings could turn my 90,000 word memoir into the Erma Bombeck kind of masterpiece I had imagined in my head. It was just not going to happen. In an angry moment I placed Trumpette (our neurotic cat) dangerously close to the delete key.

But, a miracle happened. Marijuana had arrived. Trumpette inhaled a hefty dose and the next thing I knew she was attacking fireflies at the patio door in the middle of a sunny day. Wait. I got that wrong. We don’t have fireflies in California. I guess it was night time and they were moths. It seems I was in a kind of fog, maybe a contact high? I found myself back at the keyboard. Magic happened. While Trumpette purred off the pot, I rewrote the entire book. In one night. It was done. I sent it off to the publisher. And then I quit writing until I-Love-To-Write-Day came.

Remember that Bullet Journal I had started a few months back? I began a new list:

  • Blog – maybe consider fiction
  • Send Trumpette to rehab
  • Find out why the publisher hasn’t contacted me
  • Revise – try again



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8 responses to “Purrsistence”

  1. Dita says :

    Lovely. Keep it up, dear friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pat Macsata says :

    Who was smoking? You or Trumpete?
    I read the WitBit, and it was fun, clever and enjoyable. You have talent, Erma.
    Don’t give up. You can’t write fiction better than the experiences live has provided.



  3. Marjorie Witt says :

    Reality doesn’t much enter into this “story.” No smoking for either of us although maybe it would settle Trumpette down.


  4. Kelly L McKenzie says :

    Oh, you’ve left me with so many questions here … and happily answered several in your reply to Pat. Nice work!


  5. Aunt Beulah says :

    I enjoyed this amusing, charming post and the descriptions of Trumpette, the neurotic cat. I like the four items on your new list. They seem hopeful and determined and I hope to hear how rehab works for Trumpette.


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