12 thoughts on “I Love to Write Day

  1. Yes, after I enlarged the photo (my eyes aren’t what they used to be) I could read your handwriting! You have beautiful penmanship. I grinned when I read that we don’t handwrite anymore as I just mentioned to my daughter the other day that I find it odd to hold a pen. It feels unnatural! Yikes. Thanks for the inspiration to get back to doing that.

  2. You have beautiful handwriting. I do write with pen on paper my very first draft. When I put it in computer it becomes my second draft, with editing and I’ll. That is why I am always looking for good pens.

  3. sometimes I take a break from blogging as well, but I tend to let my readers know so they will not think I stopped blogging all together. I write daily. My handwriting tends to small

  4. Your cursive is really quite lovely. Mine never was, though I tried. I think those teachers’ notes saying “needs improvement” are the reason I took to the computer’s keyboard so readily and happily. Now I can neither write legibly nor think when I attempt to write by hand. So glad to find a bit of writing from you today, Margie.

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