Marijuana Has Arrived

Marijuana has arrived

Seven months ago there was another billboard on this corner. You might remember my Chase rant. Soon after my post, the offensive advertisement, “home ownership within reach in Oakland?,” was removed.

I see this corner every week when I take the 27th Street exit on my way to church. Each week the homeless camp spreads further out in all directions, new tents, more shopping carts, more hungry people, more debris. Does it make sense now to advertise that “Marijuana has arrived?” What’s next? Could we plant a different seed? Maybe just one mustard seed of hope?

4 thoughts on “Marijuana Has Arrived

  1. Sadly, the states are earning tax income from people growing and selling marijuana. Like with alcohol, marijuana will create all kinds of issues. We have it here in Washington State and I’m not a happy camper and kids get marijuana from their parents and then they get in trouble. Good Luck dealing with it.

  2. I remember your Chase rant well. I think of it when I see homeless people bedded down on Denver’s streets and underpasses. I wonder that both it and the marijuana sign don’t give the advertisers pause. But I guess their minds are on marketing not humanity.

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