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The book you have labored over for months, or years, can become a reality. If you want to take a risk, why not self-publish? It’s an opportunity to learn a new skill but there’s a problem. You won’t have time to write your next great book. It will take days, or weeks, while you figure out all the ins and outs of getting your current book on the shelves. I know because a few years ago I helped a close family member publish his book. Poems With Thorns did turn out well and it’s currently available on Amazon. Go ahead, just click here to get your copy.

Homeless Bound book cover

NEXT UP: Often when we write a memoir, we need to make a decision about publishing the book. This story remains publicly unpublished. That is not to say it is unavailable to anyone who may have an interest in another family addiction story from a mother’s point of view. Contact Wittbits if you are interested in a “privately published” copy once the proofreading is complete.

THE NEXT STEP – Helping someone else do it. I’m honored that Jil Plummer trusted me to publish her new novel. The Mystical Wood is available on Amazon in print and Kindle. Aimed at young adults but also enjoyed by the grown ups, this book takes the reader into a fantasy world where a juvenile delinquent meets a unicorn and must choose between good and evil. Meanwhile, check out Jil’s other books here Jil Plummer’s website.

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