Ominous Sky
Ominous Sky

I should have known better. I should have taken my umbrella with me. But, as I entered Panera Bread, the sun was still shining through that tiny slip between the clouds. “Looking pretty ominous out there,” the waiter pointed out. As he turned to walk away, the clouds burst forth. My phone chirped a reminder for our appointment 10 minutes away. No choice but to dodge the wind blown sideways downfall. Got in the car soaked to the skin, started the engine, the rain ceased as abruptly as it had begun.

What does this have to do with writing? Not much other than if I had been home writing like I was supposed to be doing, I would be further along than 61,075 words. I must give my self some credit today. I signed up for an advanced memoir class beginning in March. Now I’ll be counting my pennies along with my words, a big incentive to keep up the word count.

2 thoughts on “Ominous

  1. i have 4 umbrellas, but never when I need them. So I identify with getting drenched, and also with taking a memoir class. I’ve taken basic memoir, and there is no advanced course offered here, so I read Natalie Goldberg’s books instead. Good luck with your class.

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