The best writing software I have discovered is Scrivener. There’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s worth the time to explore. This is the layout that works for me but there are plenty of view options- corkboard, outliner, editor – and it’s easy to switch between them. Want to write with minimal distractions? Hit F11 and you get full screen.

How I Write
How I Write

Visit  Literature & Latte website for details and see the endless options. Watch a couple tutorials. Download a FREE trial of the full version. Heck, buy it for only $40. It’s a bargain.

There are plenty of cool tools to use also. My favorite is the project target. Setting goals and tracking keeps me accountable. I need to set goals and track my project. Which brings me to my distraction of the day – the name generator. Wondering if I should change my name to one of these that came up when I used my Norwegian and English heritage to search: Diamante Vinje, Blessing Egge, Luvena Nicolaysen, Michaela Christoffersen, Jaclyn Juve, Avlynn Loe, Kacie Mele, Jeanae Nylund, Cherrill Gronlund, Lorenna Langlie.

Note, I do not work for Literature and Latte.

Uff Da.. I’m at 59,262 words, just a little behind.