The Proof has Arrived

Homeless Bound

I knew this would be the day thanks to Amazon’s tracking devices. While meeting with my writer’s group, I kept my phone next to me, in silent mode, glancing at the tiny screen with each vibration, stalking the texts. “Your package has left the facility.” A while later, “Your package is out for delivery.” And then, “Your package is two stops away.” I tried to listen to everyone read but the distractions kept coming. Buzz, buzz, buzz.

I would be a useless critique today, my head following the path of the Amazon delivery truck, but I tried to be a good listener. The phone was silent for a bit. I looked back at the last message. Two stops. They should have delivered it by now. Maybe they got lost. Maybe they lied.

It was my turn to read. “I didn’t bring anything,” I apologized. “You see, I thought I would have my proof copies to share.” I held up my phone. “They’re two stops away.” I used my allotted time to talk about keywords, back of the book blurbs and the benefits of self-publishing.

Buzzzzzz. I looked down at the phone. “Delivered.” Suddenly it was real. I could run home, rip open the box, and hold the proof of my efforts. And so I did.

I ran my fingers across the shiny cover. I flipped to the back side, read the blurb. It needs some editing. I checked the interior. It needs some editing. My job is not done. But even scarier, as I hold this piece of work in my hands, I think, is this something I truly want to release out into the world?

4 thoughts on “The Proof has Arrived

  1. Oh, Marjorie! I stand in awe of this magnificent news, with apologies that in changing to my new website, my web guy somehow didn’t bring along those friends I was following on my first wordpress site. Now, though, I find you here in my gmail and was so happy to find your incredible news. You’ve gotten your memoir written! I cannot wait to read it when you get your final changes made.

    I recognize that feeling of that last minute uncertainty about whether to put your story out into the world. At that pre-publication time, I felt the same. I had so much shame about my story yet I want you to know that once I let the story go into the world, the fear and shame disappeared in the face of the reviews (many thanks for yours!) and feedback from others who’d read the book and gave me only positive words. I’d been told this is how it had worked for other authors and I pass this wisdom on to you.

    Can’t wait to order your book and hold it in my hands. May it travel the world into the hands of those who can find threads with your story and may it bless their lives with your hard-earned wisdom.

    Warmest congratulations upon reaching your “almost there” publication step in an incredibly long journey of hard work. Enjoy the approaching journey soon to open for you! And, kudos!!!

    1. Mary Jo – you are a saint! Thank you so much for your kind words. You have been an inspiration to me throughout this entire journey. Your encouragement continues to keep me focused on the end result and I appreciate your always being there for me. I’m happy I turned up in your feed.

  2. This is magnificent news, Marjorie! You are climbing your mountain and almost at the summit. I know you will banish that niggling naysayer once and for all and plant your flag at the top. You are one with that mountain and with this story. Hooray! You are MY inspiration! Gretchen

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