Favorite Books 2016


With a reading goal of 24 books in 2016, I was surprised to see that I actually read (or listened to) 34 books. These are the ones that I recommend, in no particular order.

Since one of my goals is to finish my memoir this year, I’d have to say that Why We Write About Ourselves is a “must read” for anyone thinking about telling her story. For added inspiration  The Magic of Memoir   will appear on my 2017 list.

The rest of the books above I read for entertainment and gave each one a five star rating. Yes, I see that my favorites are not memoirs. I enjoy those too and I did give several of them a five star rating on Goodreads. So the question beckons – if I am so into fiction, why the heck am I trying to write a memoir? Bottom line, truth may be stranger than fiction but fiction might be a necessary distraction in dealing with truth.

Which aisle of the bookstore are you drawn to?

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6 responses to “Favorite Books 2016”

  1. Gretchen Staebler says :

    Fiction that reads kind of like memoir and memoir that reads kind of like fiction are my favorites! And “All the Light” might be my favorite book ever. And I just read “Small Great Things” and was blown away and enlightened. I also read “Loving Eleanor” recently and I read and loved “The Nightingale” a while ago. What is the first one? The cover is familiar, but I can’t read the title when I enlarge the screen. I will look for the memoir books. Thank you! Happy reading. And writing. I’ll be watching. My goal is to finish a decent draft of my memoir in 2017. “Write like heaven,” my mentor says.


  2. lenleatherwood says :

    Thanks! I just ordered the “Why We Write About Ourselves” book.


  3. Aunt Beulah says :

    I love seeing what books other writers enjoy. Thank you for sharing yours. I’m going to read Why We Write About Ourselves for sure and agree with an earlier comment: All the Light We Cannot See is on my list of top twenty books I’ve read.


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