4 thoughts on “#rethinkchurch Homeless

  1. I’ve been gone awhile, so I just took the time to read, study, and think about all your rethinkchurch posts. It’s a wonderful thing you and others are doing. I enjoyed all of them, but the three that grabbed my heart were patience with the beauty of the intricate wire art, breathe with the humor of your husband and homeless with the love and sadness of your photograph and words. Thank you for helping me pause and reflect this afternoon.

  2. Not sure why this picture made me stop and look. Maybe it´s because I´ve been thinking about the poor souls out there who aren´t as fortunate as I am. Or maybe its because my own hands are cracking from the cold. Either way, sending good vibes to you and your family.

  3. Have not read any of your other posts. Sorry, I am dealing with very undependable technology. BUT, as for that picture, can anyone pul-leez(!!!) explain why that or so many other crimes against the poor are blithely tolerated!! I seriously do not get it.

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