Working on Updates


After making a resolution to put writing on my calendar, and carving out two hours to keep this resolution, Microsoft thinks it’s appropriate to update my Windows 10. I thought these things were supposed to happen at night while I am fitfully trying to sleep. We are now forty-five minutes into my two hour appointment with my keyboard and only 32% finished. No other party but the god of Microsoft would dare to interfere with MZ’s calendar. Just ask my family.

I resorted to working on my bosses computer. We won’t tell him. However, if I happen to turn on this computer under duress of a work deadline, especially on payroll day, and find this red screen of dread, I’m fairly sure there will be hell to pay. Which reminds me, I have this catchy little tune in my head The Bells of Hell Go Ting a ling a ling thanks to a post on my pastor’s Facebook page. No, we did not sing this in church this morning. Hubby wishes I’d stop humming it and get on with my writing.

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4 responses to “Working on Updates”

  1. Liz says :

    I really hate Windows 10 because of this you describe. I was converted last year to go Mac, after only ever owing a Windows computer before.

    I was a lover of Windows 7 and I never upgraded to 8 as I knew I would not like it, but unfortunately, when I had to have a new computer which had Windows 8.1it meant I had no choice and I hated 8.1 as i knew I would. So when 10 came out, I upgraded. I loved the layout and found it easy to use compared to previous. But it was the updates. They were starting to get too long and I found they were happening too often, each being a long one. I was already annoyed by this point because of the inconvenience. I also had another issue with Windows 10. I went and bought a second hand Macbook Air laptop, to see how I’d go with it.

    One day I was updating and my computer had been on all afternoon doing this and still doing it when I went to work. Was still not finished when I arrived home. After that, I turned my computer back to Windows 8, giving it a full clean. This was the easy part in all the time I owned it, compared to updates.) And I sold it. By this point, I had my Mac for a few months, when I sold computer and I have never looked back since. I wonder how many more have dropped Windows since Windows 10.


    • Marjorie Witt says :

      Thanks Liz. I’ve always been a PC person since my accounting software only works with windows. Otherwise, I’d probably jump over the fence too.


      • Liz says :

        That’s the trouble isn’t it, sometimes there are things that only work with Windows. Luckily I was able to move across, but I did find out down the line that something I was planning on doing later, it did not work with Mac, so I learnt to carry on what I was currently doing and live without. Not that this is the same as the accounting software that you need. I hope it did not take too long and that any future updates don’t take as long. I would have probably stayed if I had that reassurance.


  2. Aunt Beulah says :

    There is nothing like the tyranny of technology and its updates to strike terror in my soul. And I’m a Mac person. I hope you get it downloaded soon.


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