Oh Dear or Is It Oh Deer?


Morning greetings from my hillside as we left for the commute to JJ’s school today. I’m almost embarrassed to say this but I need to be accountable – I was sitting in my car checking for Pokémon, waiting for JJ, and didn’t even notice the deer. He pointed them out as he jumped in the car. It shows how preoccupied I am being with things not so productive. Ignoring nature in search of the virtual. Pokémon has to vanish.

I promised I’d have the first draft of my memoir finished by the end of summer. Then I changed to goal to when my writers group gathers again on Sept 16th. If I’m going to make that goal, I’ll need to keep my butt in chair and write 739 words a day, make sense of  the entire 90,000 words, and edit out about 10,000 words. Maybe that seems doable but the rate I’ve been writing the past month leaves me not so optimistic.  Heck, I haven’t even kept up this blog.

Meanwhile, tomorrow night I will attend a writing workshop. Some of my writing group will probably be there. My memoir teacher might ask how mine is coming along. Maybe it’s the push I need to get on with it. Or, maybe it’s another excuse to not spend the evening at the keyboard.

Accountability for August: Zero – stagnant at 73,000 words.


2 thoughts on “Oh Dear or Is It Oh Deer?

  1. Actually, Marjorie, I’m impressed that you know how to play the Pokemon game. My grandchildren would be as well. I think the only things that keep me writing consistently are the newspaper deadlines for my columns and my self-imposed deadline of the 1st and 15th of every month for my blog. Without those, I’d founder helplessly about and always feel behind.I hate that feeling, thus I faithfully write to deadlines. As for my next book, I keep finding reasons for putting it off. Sigh.

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