Recycling Lives Matter

Tired of embarrassing advertisements for Depends, cat stalking videos, internet scam clicks and hacked friend requests? Try a bit of Talking Soup. I selfishly recommend it because my article happens to be featured today. But, dig a little deeper beyond “My Son is Homeless” and find a treasure trove of stories on this free online magazine website, everything from health and love to weird and wild. All without ads!

Eight years ago Amir Soltani and Chihiro Wimbush began their crusade to document the lives of several homeless recyclers in West Oakland. If you have been following my blog, and especially my FaceBook page, you may be tired of seeing my posts begging you to watch the documentary, Dogtown Redemption. Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, the PBS broadcast will be online for only a couple more weeks. After that you can purchase a copy of it from the Dogtown Redemption website.

We can thank Amir for his dedicated and compassionate work with the homeless and Alliance Recycling. I owe much to Amir for giving me the courage to share my story and his encouragement to take it one step further with a memoir. It’s off to a good start but I’ll  admit I’m currently muddling around with a muse who seems to have vanished. So for now I practice the habit inspired by my recent online writing class – 20 minutes a day – just get something down. Anything. The muse will return.


TOMORROW: Join the conversation on Alliance Metals, poverty and housing in Oakland — Stop Oakland’s War on Recycling Protest on TUES 7/19 at 4PM at Oakland City Hall.

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