Dogtown Redemption

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Dogtown Redemption

I can’t promise that I won’t mention this important film again. The reason – everyone needs to watch it. The Independent Film version of Dogtown Redemption can be streamed until August 15th here. Even better, you can purchase a copy of the full version here . It will change your outlook about recycling, the homeless and addiction. Okay, so I may be a bit biased since one of the characters happens to be my homeless son (more about that if you scroll down to my previous posts).

My son had the courage to share his life in the hope of making the world a better place. I am building courage to publish my memoir with the same hope. Sometimes we learn our greatest lessons from our children.

Watch the film. Host a screening. Share the story. Make a difference!

3 thoughts on “Dogtown Redemption

      1. I have been a human services professional in varied ways for my entire career, reflecting my lifelong passion to help people move forward in difficult journeys. That seed was planted in me when a few people reached out to me in difficult circumstances.

        I ordered the Dogtown video yesterday and plan to do what you suggested, primarily show it to everyone I know and then pass it on further. Thanks for such concrete suggestions.

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