RI started this blog to focus on writing – mostly as accountability for my memoir process. Leaving the old blog behind makes me feel disconnected, scattered and thinking maybe I should have revived the old Witt Bits. Any advice? Should I try to import the blogger blog into WordPress, put a link on the current site to the old one, or just let it go and move on?

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4 responses to “Recrudescence”

  1. Mary Jo Doig says :

    I speak for myself, Marjorie, and meant to share this with you at the conference: I started one when I retired in 2001 and it lapsed after awhile. Two years ago, I wanted to re-start. I decided to revive the old one rather than start over and today am glad that I have the stories all in one location. Simply my own feelings for your consideration… Simply great to have met you in Austin!


  2. Marjorie Witt says :

    I have imported my “mzbull” posts. Leaving the old Witt Bits behind for now.


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