LThis month has been an interesting A to Z challenge to find appropriate words that having something to do with writing or my memoir. I won’t be ordering any Marjorie Witt, Logastellus business cards. While I claim to have a love for words, I’ll admit my passion exceeds my knowledge of words. But memory often fails me and a year from now I’d wonder what I am.

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4 responses to “Logastellus”

  1. Mason Canyon says :

    Great post for the letter L.

    Alex’s Ninja Minion


  2. Susan Gourley says :

    I love learning new words. I think writing a memoir would be really difficult. I think my life would be a boring story to anyone but me. I pretty much have enjoyed it.

    Susan Says


  3. Marjorie Witt says :

    You’d be surprised what you could come up with that people would enjoy reading. Thank you for stopping by.


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