EImagine if you were writing a memoir and suddenly you were hit with an incredible twist of fate. Would you rewrite the entire book? I’m not sure how I’d answer that but I know one thing for sure – if I keep waiting for the eucatastrophic ending, my memoir may never be complete.  I could create a happy ending as fiction. Who knows? Maybe it would come true.

2 thoughts on “Eucatastrophe

  1. NOOO! Being totally super vocal about this.,,
    But I shudder at the thought of seeing the end and not finishing. Also I could always just finish it and THEN do a rewrite.

    With my current WIP now I actually hit the 50% mark and decided a couple days ago to start from scratch. It’s not close enough to the ending for me to force myself to continue. I’m not hoping this is a good decision and I can write this having learned a bit more about my characters this time around (“pantser”/discovery writer here).

    Best of luck with your work!

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