Once in a while a blandiloquent comment shows up on social media with your name on it, one that maybe changes your perception of yourself. I asked for such a comment yesterday when I “liked” my pastor’s “One Like = One Compliment” post. The deal was she would say something wonderful about me. I feel honored and wordless by her response.

Flattery does get you nowhere somewhere.


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8 responses to “Blandiloquent”

  1. Mary B says :

    I don’t know that I have ever heard this term before, but I do enjoy a good compliment. Great choice of a word for the letter B today!

    Twitter: @KnottyMarie
    Literary Gold
    Jingle Jangle Jungle


  2. Lori Carlson says :

    ha! you are really making us work for these words. Another I had to look up. Great word!
    Have a great weekend!

    My A2Zs @ As the Fates Would Have It & Promptly Written
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  3. pempispalace says :

    What a fabulous sounding word – blandiloquent and it has a similar meaning to another of my all time sounding favourites – obsequious 🙂 I’ll be back for more of your 67 words, for sure!
    A Stormy’s Sidekick
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


  4. sally says :

    I read this from bottom to top..nice work! I look forward to the next entry. Thanks!


  5. franklparker says :

    I seem to have arrived too early for Monday’s contribution. Eager to know what you follow Blandiloquent with!
    Frank Parker’s Author Site


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