Stories From The Heart VIII

Stories from the Heart
Stories from the Heart

Big step for me ahead. I have signed up for my first Women’s Writing Conference. Notice I said “first.”  I’m hoping to gain enough confidence to keep on going. As a 16 year member of Story Circle Network, this is the venue that seems right for me. Although I have not participated in a writing circle for several years, I feel as if I already know some of the women who will be there, and I already know they are a sincere and compassionate bunch.

Now about that “comfort” part. This is definitely a leap out of my comfort zone as I am much more comfortable sitting in my private little office with only the birds and squirrels for an audience. Not that I’d stand up in front of anyone and expect an audience. There’s a fear there and I suspect I know where it started. Way back in junior college in a creative story class my instructor called on me to read what he said was an A+ story. That would have been fine if he hadn’t added, “and see if you can do it without your face turning red.” The rest of that story is obvious. It’s time to get over that. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have the courage to share one of my pieces at the open mike night. Oh no, now what kind of commitment have I made?


2 thoughts on “Stories From The Heart VIII

  1. Yes, you did make a commitment and all of us read it, so we’ll expect a report later on. I’ve never been to a writers’ conference, and I think I should attend one, so I hope you will write about it. A women’s conference sounds especially enticing. As a former teacher, your anecdote made me think about the power of a teacher’s words, even the most casual comment or attempts to be funny or friendly can long remain in a student’s mind. If I were to be in a position to train young teachers, that power is something I would emphasize.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I think I have a few teacher stories to tell but wouldn’t want to pick on them. We all have times when we say something inappropriate without thinking of the target’s feelings. Of course the women’s conference should inspire a post on Witt Bits.

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