I don’t have enough to do these days so I might as well write a book. It’s not enough to be a working grandma raising a grandson, a queen of a Red Hat Society chapter, a line dancer, a walker, a wannabe photographer, a not so sharpshooter, and a bunch of other insignificant stuff. These are only excuses to delay the book. What book? The one that I promised to write. Memoir or novel? Yet to be determined. The story in fiction would be reviewed as “unbelievable.” Stay tuned.

Here’s one of my favorite bookshelves – a clue as to where I might get my style.

Dorothy Parker Library

3 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Dorothy Psrker was witty indeed. Here is some wisdom from other writers: Heminway said, “Never use a big word if a little word will do.” Pat says, ” Stay focused on your subject and don’t assume your reader knows what you know.”

  2. Marjorie, I love beginnings! Even when mine don’t make it all the way to intended completion, there is great joy in beginning and progressing – lovely to see your “start” with Dorothy Parker. Long, long before I ever considered writing at all, let alone a (shudder) POEM, I was hooked on Parker’s humor that carried with it something much more serious. Enjoy!

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