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Rosie #593 sits in the middle row of the middle aisle at Craneway Pavillion in Richmond on Saturday morning.  She looks around in awe at the gathering crowd of mostly women, ages two months to 100 years. She never has excelled in estimating crowd sizes but is thinking, this just doesn’t look like it will make it. We must have more than 2097 to boast the Guinness World Record set in Ypsilanti, Michigan last fall.

An excited crowds drowns out the rich melodies of 1940 performed by the Swingin’ Blue Stars. Closer to the stage, red and white polka dot heads bob to the music, red socks and boots dance in the aisle.

Volunteers pass out thousands of Kashi protein bars. Rosie #593 puts hers away for later and grimaces as her neighbor bites into a Basil, White Bean and Olive Oil bar. That just doesn’t seem right. She checks her bag, relieved to see her bar is chocolate/cashew.

The music stops and a NPS ranger (sorry, didn’t get her name) takes over the stage. We stand to sing the National Anthem in boisterous harmony. Did we win?

NPS Ranger reads off a list of 38 Rosies, ages 92 to 100, still living. Some of them are in the audience. We applaud with enthusiasm after each name. About six names in, the ranger suggests we hold our applause to the end. But, did we win?

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier takes the stage donned in his Rosie bandana, and taunts his Michigan rival, Debbie Dingell with a video of Rosies claiming “Richmond Rosies Rule” on his iPhone. Supervisor John Gioia wears his bandanna and turns to take a selfie with the most Rosies ever. Mayor Tom Butt joins the stage fun also sporting an official bandanna. There is a slight hint that we may have won.

But we need to wait for the official count. We are instructed to stay within the designated area for the next five minutes. Excitement builds. Did we win?

I am #593 of estimated 2265. We have succeeded. Hoots and hollers fill the room as we parade out for our one mile walk to the Home Front Festival.

For my Michigan friends, sorry. It’s all in fun and I’ll even let you in on something that is not so secret – three of your participants happened to show up for us. Maybe I’ll show up for yours but please don’t tell my California friends.


Kudos to Jill

wp-1467997845333.jpgThe local morning paper held a surprise today. Right there on the front page was a familiar face. Not the people and pets photo – the “Moving forward by looking to the past” article on the right hand side. I was so excited to see this article that I almost choked on my coffee.

Jill Morris teaches memoir classes. I am pleased to be a part of her advanced writer’s group which will resume this fall. She’s a fantastic teacher but for quite some time we wondered if she was ever going to get her memoir on the market. “It’s coming out soon,” she’d say. We waited patiently. Finally the release announcement came to my inbox.

I ordered “Eating the Walls Breaking free from the ghosts of the past” on Amazon, expedited delivery since I couldn’t wait another day – plus I was leaving on vacation and definitely needed to take it with me. If it were on Kindle, I would have read it that night. I am woefully addicted to instant gratification. Jill assures me it will be available on Kindle later. Meanwhile, I packed the paperback edition in my carryon and devoured it between beach visits. You know how people go to Kauai and come back with golden tans? Could I blame my lily white tones on this memoir?

The book is all that I expected from Jill. It’s a powerful and inspirational story of moving forward after the tragedy of her husband’s suicide. Her narrative is a fascinating portrayal of this journey with her two small children. Grief and humor cross the seas. I’ll be looking forward to her next memoir.

Now back to those classes Jill teaches. Her book is out. You know her style. Her encouragement and gentle critique will entice you to finish yours.

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