VAn obsession for words? I just checked my original A to Z Challenge pledge and I know I have deviated two or three times. All posts were supposed to “tie into my memoir writing” but some have absolutely nothing to do with me or my writing.  I am far from being a verbomaniac and I suspect that I may have committed a couple of acts of verbicide.

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9 responses to “Verbomania”

  1. Erica says :

    I suppose I am a verbomaniac….Thanks for posting, and happy A2Z!



  2. Mary Jo Doig says :

    Hehehe. Too cute. I can never say for sure these days, but believe I’ve not heard the word before. Immediately, though, I saw faces flash before my eyes that I would describe using that word. Perhaps this word doesn’t link with your memoir yet it’s certainly worthy of attention. It made me laugh out loud!


  3. Deb says :

    It doesn’t matter. I have enjoyed learning some epic vocabulary from you on this challenge. I may be a verbomaniac as well.


  4. Aunt Beulah says :

    You may have committed acts of verbicide, but you also made me laugh aloud.


  5. Deborah Weber says :

    LOL. In moderation of course – I don’t want to be accused of laughomania.


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